Monday, April 02, 2007

Few hours at titiwangsa

Is very hard for her to give a "V" post now, she look funny when try to post it.

Some picture that we take while at titiwangsa.

Call me fatty kor kor...
Yee ling said:"this uncle very funny"

Yesterday finally we went to titiwangsa to visit “eye on malaysia”. Frankly very disappointed, cause totally different from what I though, they advertise it till so grand, and most of the billboard also put it as an main image but after have a ride, I tell myself this is the first and also the last lo. We stay there not more than 1 hour than rain. Although is raining yet people still park their car and enter to the park.

First yee ling was holding my shirt with tight after some times, she start to relax and enjoy the ride, first turn she was excited… second turn still excited… third… fourth… fifth… slowly she start feel boring… hahaha…

Anyway, although feel disappointed with the “eye” but still feel happy can gather with some friends, have been sometimes didn’t gather with them. After went to titiwangsa we went for a dinner, this is a great dinner beside nice food (spicy food – I like it ^^) yee ling also very cooperate in this dinner didn’t make too much noise. She very “guai” sitting beside uncle and jie jie. She likes them very much, maybe because both of them have good experience in taking care of children. So she feels like meeting with friends. ^^



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