Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Whenever have a gathering for family sure will be a steamboat or a BBQ dinner, cause easy to prepare and take time to eat. While waiting we can chat and spend some together. Prepare a steamboat dinner was cheap, all this food cost less than RM100 and was enjoy by 10 peoples. Maybe because of this family culture i likes steamboat and BBQ very much^^

All this food was prepare by pretty mom.

Now... from this picture clearly we can see who is the lazy cat, all busy preparing the food yet she busy in giving a nice post. Actually i wish to take a photo which showing many hands on the top of it but seem like not that clear enough :P

Whenever have a gathering Mr.Gurdian always is the most busy one... beside of him was miss great white and miss memo was busy giving advice and give him some pressure since both of them already very hungry...

Often we will have gathering, i enjoy this kind of moment very much, this time sis's bf and bro's gf also join us, the environment was just good, of cause the left corner madam was the god mother ^^ talk bout god mother, lately i often post her photo, she ask white shark can the photo be erase or delete... white shark tell her... sure can but need to do by the owner... she quite... cause she know the mission was fail RLOL...

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Attend Wedding Dinner with family

As usual when attend wedding dinner, we as a guest really feel free...especially when attend relative wedding dinner. Anyway, this wedding dinner just like a dinner with family, we chat and take this opportunity to have a gathering. Less is more, better let the photo tell the story...

This is me and my little girl, after two and a half year training... as well as she saw the camera facing her immediately she will give a post and give you a big smile. But please don't ask her to give you a "V" pose cause her finger only can post "1" or "111" or "11111" that's all, that's why appear GANG NO. 1

Four Pretty lady... not easy to have a group photo o... cause my two sis was shy when wanna talk photo cover here and there... -_-!!! i also donno why seem like i'm going to sold them... feel glad that my brother's girl girl spend time to attend the wedding dinner together, this give us have more time to know each other ^^ she is a teacher o,
don't play play...

Hemm... my brother appear... nowadays seldom can meet him... he seem like too busy and lazy to entertain us... however still wish my brother can spend more time with family cause we always miss you de...

Me and Lou Yea, nothing much to said just a pretty lady and a old man photo that's all... i already help him have some post (copy from GANG NO.1 ), hopefully this can give him some deco and to be more attractive.

Finally, Parents... ya... two of them are the most busy people among us, cause need to entertain many relative, anyway they seem like enjoy very much and feel proud with our attendance... since parent so happy we as children also feel happy too...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Introduce Gang 'NO.1' family members

In this boring honor day 14th October 2007 . Hereby we are proudly to announce that Gang NO.1 is officially form. Our family have our great objective to come over this world to rule guide all the stupid human, bring over destruction love to the world. We can ensure that we are greater than Mafia.

We do not, I mean do not encourage any violent, so we of cause will guarantee our task to be achieve through showing other how kind we. So don't be scare...... we are bunch who bring good luck to you all (if you follow what we said), cause we know where you live.

Our family consist all string member who all great enough to scare charm others. With respect we introduce them who is:

of cause I'm the big boss la, you guys don't play play with me ah!

What!People got God Father, we have God Mother can't meh?!

Ya not to insult our memorable Irwin, but I was just Croc(Er Yi/2nd Aunt) :p

How bout me?! Of cause I'm Jaws(Sa Yi/3rd Aunt) and give you a little bite kiss anytime

All family must have their guardian since I so big except me who else can be on this post?!

Editor : Mr. Lou Yea
Photographer cum designer : Mrs bombomba

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I just receive a mail from my colleague - Li Yee, and this mail make me smile. Today feel very stress when see this mail feel a bit happy , hope can cheer you all up also. Good day^^

Friday, October 05, 2007

My girl, my mom and Me

This is my girl... Every time when i edit her picture i also very difficult to believe, my girl already so big liao. 30 months liao, is just like yesterday both of us back from hospital, now she already can run here and there, express his feeling, make a lot of funny face and atc...

I always share with my friends that daughter was just like a combination of angel and evil, she bring a lot of happiness for us of cause when she didn't cry for noting. I feel thankful of having this little angel hopefully i can give everything that she need especially care & love ^^. I'm not a 100% mother yet i was still in the training period. When will i graduate? I think if i have a choice i'll love to learn and grow together with her till the end of my life. Having a children really change the perspective of my life. The way i treat my family, my career, friends around me and also make me feel a family means a lot to me.

Finally i understand why people always said you will understand a mother's feel after you become a mom, it was really true, the day i give birth only i understand what my mom feel, when my mom visit me in hospital i was speakless yet my eye was full with tear, thanks mom....^^ thanks for everything and also giving me full support in my daily life now i really appreciate it.

This is my mom, if mom know i post her photo here sure she will knock my head hehe, does i look like my mom, hemm... i think so... this photo taken while in my convo, she look like going to cry cause i present her a rose there and give her a kiss, huh... first tine being "SO" brave. Thank for ALFA college for preparing such section for us. Giving us a opportunity to said thank you for our parent. Although already few years ago but never too late to said thank you right ^^. Wish all moms happily forever...

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Gathering with Siok Moi.

Let me introduce a bit of her. She is Siok Moi...my very good friend while in college. We wasn’t in the same class nor batch, she is my senior. We become close…. Hemm… I think is because of Student club of Alif izzit? Not sure already, anyway as long as she still is my best friend than others weren’t that important right hehe…

After graduate from college really less time for us to have a gathering. I feel glad after all this year when we meet again our relationship still warm as before. Having a few best friend beside us are better than having thousand friends, I feel glad that beside me always have a few true friends that giving me support.

We have our gathering at Mid Valle - Delifrance, but we didn't stay long there cause my little girl very incorporate requesting this and that really naughty!! After that we decided to go MPH, cause MPH have a children corner with carpet so she can read book over there and both of us can continue our topic ^^.



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