Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My Company 11th Anni

11th of November my company celebrating 11th Anniversary + Recognition Rally, this is the second time I take part in company Recognition Rally, also the second time I design for the ticket. The first time was very blur for me; I don’t know what I am doing at all. But after this Anniversary I had gain a lot of experience. Hopefully in the following Recognition Rally I can perform better than this.

There were a few shows in the whole day, yet baba nyonya show really leaves a very memorable moment for me. I remember I use to watch their show before, sound very familiar. That day their performance also very funny till I can’t stand and laugh.

After busy this Recognition Rally for 1 month without stopping we now busy with National Slimming Contest which will hold on 20th of dec, huh… what a rush life. Luckily having a good design team here, I really enjoy working with them.

Monday, November 27, 2006

little joke from yee ling

Saturday night when having dinner, my little girl learn a word – “papaya” her uncle give her a papaya key chain than teach her this is papaya… papaya… after think a few minute, she seem like understood and said “爸爸要!” than without a second word she bring the key chain direct to her father, now she was 19 months tomorrow will be her 20 months years old, now she learning to talk, act what the others do, express her emotion… is a wonderful moment for us ^^.
Wednesday night lao yea teach her another word - "banana" for her it become "爸爸拿"。She really a good translater... -_-!!



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