Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My Company 11th Anni

11th of November my company celebrating 11th Anniversary + Recognition Rally, this is the second time I take part in company Recognition Rally, also the second time I design for the ticket. The first time was very blur for me; I don’t know what I am doing at all. But after this Anniversary I had gain a lot of experience. Hopefully in the following Recognition Rally I can perform better than this.

There were a few shows in the whole day, yet baba nyonya show really leaves a very memorable moment for me. I remember I use to watch their show before, sound very familiar. That day their performance also very funny till I can’t stand and laugh.

After busy this Recognition Rally for 1 month without stopping we now busy with National Slimming Contest which will hold on 20th of dec, huh… what a rush life. Luckily having a good design team here, I really enjoy working with them.

Monday, November 27, 2006

little joke from yee ling

Saturday night when having dinner, my little girl learn a word – “papaya” her uncle give her a papaya key chain than teach her this is papaya… papaya… after think a few minute, she seem like understood and said “爸爸要!” than without a second word she bring the key chain direct to her father, now she was 19 months tomorrow will be her 20 months years old, now she learning to talk, act what the others do, express her emotion… is a wonderful moment for us ^^.
Wednesday night lao yea teach her another word - "banana" for her it become "爸爸拿"。She really a good translater... -_-!!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Little angel growing process

Everyday when look at the calendar will feel… hem… so fast my daughter already 16 months.(i seem like old liao...hehe) Last week we have some voucher to process 100 pcs of photos, well this also a good time for me to organize all the photos properly. After pick out some of the photo from each month feel very happy and pound when look at it. She grow very well and seldom let us worry, look at her happy smile no matter how tired we are; will also forget bout it. I like to share my daughter photo with collogues; they always ask me when is the time for the second? I always kidding with them that I need to concentrate in loving her now. ( lo gong don't jealous k i never forget you de...:p )

Today finally I done the art work for my dear daughter and share with u all, my collogue said so many days still not yet finish ah? Haiz… die also no time can finish also no bad liao lo… hope can share my happiness with all of you too.

One day when you have a baby hope you all also can enjoy the moment like us^^.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

my characteristic

Today suddenly have feel in a title so draw it out. After 3 hour in drawing show to boss happily, boss said the artwork just look like my characteristic, I answer my boss “than I will be very dangerous lo, every time u see my artwork than u know a bit about me.” he smile with us and agree.
However after he go, I look at the artwork for sometimes, ya… I agree I always draw and do this kind of design, that’s what we call different people, have different style. But hopefully in future I won’t just run around on this style. Cause I’m a designer not an artist. Not every design can apply this kind of style.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Technical problem...

This two day quite stress, two day doing the same things for 2-3 times, after finish the project send it to supplier happily but less than 2 hour supplier call said file damage. Open the file again really damage, than redo lo, than save again after burn when check file damage again… purchasing department leng lui look at me with innocence eye, cause the supplier was waiting outside… after almost one hour, redo 3 times, save in few different file finally done… but still not sure what is the problem. Technician comes… reinstall photoshop than go …T_T!!! He also doesn’t know why… hemm… when the computer screen appear this few icon my hand will suddenly feel cool, my heart beat will become faster…

After discuss with few designer, we think maybe is adobe cs not very stabil that's y offen facing this question, anyway still need to ask for somebody who "pro" to know the actual problem... we always said "remember save ur thing cos computer or adobe will shut down suddenly" now even save also no use... T_T

Friday, July 28, 2006

lou yea sick sick liao

Today is a bad day for lou yea, cos he sick liao. I know he feel very uncomfortable now, so today i have special draw this illus for him, wish he get well soon. Em... just call him, he sound not bad seem like a bit late send this message for him now, anyway just a small greeting from me wish u always in good health k.
Haiz... even sick still need to work at home pity him also... so cute or not this picture? have a big ear just like u! haha...
Now 20++ already call himself louyea i can't imagine what will happen after 20...30...40 years...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My career seminar

Wao… such a long time didn’t update my blog. This few months so busy, after back from vocation none stop till today finish internal audit only have some little time to update my little blog site.
At 14th of July I have went to Clear water sanctuary golf resort at ipoh to attend my company career seminar. 4 days 3 nights is a very memorable experience for us who attend. This is the second time I leave my husband and daughter behind. At first I will feel sorry to my husband cause even weekend he also can’t have a good rest, but now I won’t, because my husband have give me a big confidence that I can concentrate in my career without any worry, he can take care my daughter very well even cook for her, dear Lou Yea thank you for everything ya ^^
Here I got a few pictures that can share with you all. This is the resort that we stay, I like this place, is a very natural place for us to relax our body and mind from this city. However, in these 4 days 3 night seminar I not even have 10 minutes to enjoy the environment T_T. Well, I believe in future I can back to this place again with my small family.

Here is where we listen to our course, a comfort environment.

In the resort have a very big lake, very nice, you even can fishing over there but not swimming k.

This is the outside where we stay

Balcony of the resort.

Anyway, all of this picture not taken by me, is from my collogue, i not even have time to enjoy the environment where got time take picture right. Thanks for my collogue taking such a nice picture for us to keep as memory.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

my cousin and naughty daughter

This is my daughter and my cousin, doesn’t u think both of them look like sister? My cousin like my daughter very much, but I feel pity for my cousin, cos when ever my daughter cry my mom (that's mean my daughter’s grandma) will look at my cousin with anger... I feel so so so sorry for my little cousin.
One day, my cousin was playing with my daughter, suddenly my daughter fall down and cry, my little cousin immediately run and hide under the table, cos she scare my mom will think she is the one who make her cry. Poor little cousin, I have tried my best talk to my mom, I know she love my daughter, but not in this way… haiz… what to do? First grandson always gets more care, love and too pamper. Some times, even I speak a bit loud to my daughter also will scold by parent. =.=!!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My first sharing

Finally create a blog... had plan it few months ago, but never start, Everyday seem like so busy, task coming in like never stop. Finally...
As a mother beside our little angel what else we always put beside our mouth. So the first sharing of cause will be my little daughter-yee ling, 14 months.
When think back, very difficult to beli
eve that daughter already 14 months. Seem like yesterday I just went back from the hospital, now my daughter already can walk and call “ma ma, pa pa” times pass so fast till I wish to ask it to slow down a bit. I feel like miss a lot of things on my daughter growing process. Some time even feel guilty for her. =.=

This is photo is taken by my husband. since our daughter born, we take her photo every month, sound like crazy right. Well… I “Plan” to make an album for her and as her birthday present when she 18 years old, sound sweet right. Just hope this can leave a very good memory for her. Love her so much.



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