Saturday, June 16, 2007

HaPpy FaTheR's DaY^^

My Papa, Bear bear and Me

Papa like me to kiss him

Me and my sleepy Papa

What a lazy Saturday, finally is my turn to rest, alternate Saturday feel so good, of cause don’t compare to those who is five days working day k.

Finally is Father’s day again, this is the second times my yee ling celebrate father’s day, well… she still very young and not even know what is father’s day, so I as her mother have to do something for her dear father lo.

This lou yea after two year training almost graduate from pa pa University, from know noting to know everything, I still remember the first day when our dear daughter born to this world he even feel afraid to hug her. When bath her also need the help from my father in law. Two big guys bath for a small little girl when think of the situation also very fun of cause in the same times I also feel very warm, this not only bring close the situation between a father and son but also a father with a daughter ^^.

Previously every Saturday when I back from work my dear husband sure look tired like had been work for few days without sleep, now he are more expert when I back happy to see his smiley face^^. Already two year ...We both been a girl's parent, the feeling is hard to express, for me… sometimes I still feel very difficult to believe I already is a mom. I think same as lou yea right, cause he often will said “This is our daughter… we already had a daughter…and our daughter already can talk and walk by herself…”

In this father’s day I wish to say this word behalf of my daughter – yee ling… HAPPY FATHER”S DAY!!! Although we don’t have any big present for you yet still wish you enjoy your life and always in happy. Same as every father’s out there wished you all happy father’s day and enjoy your happiness family with a grateful heart.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Yesterday night finally have a dinner with my long long long friends – Peng Lian & Lee Hui. After secondary school graduated all busy with own career and family seldom have time meet each other or chit chat like what we used to do in the previous time. Miss the moment so much. Feel so good having such a group of friends seem like growing up together, until have own career and family. I can’t wait to see them get married and have their own children as I do ^^

We chat a lot last night, we update each other information, talk about social (or can said ke po… lol), create some joke and also talk about future… I feel these kinds of conversation are very important, it seem like can release stress… after talk than you will feel your brain and heart are getting lighter than before.

Such a happy moment, at the end spoil by a Chinese's woman, when I just lock the car, a Chinese's woman knock our door, Peng Lian ask me ignore her, but I though she need help so open a bit of the window and see what see going to said… she start with “Don't scare…I'm not bad people…Can you understand my Chinese language?” Without another word Peng Lian straight close the window and ask me to ride away… after she explain only I understand that one of her relative had come to the same situation and had lost quiet lot of money, donno how you will listen to her and bring her home and take out all your belonging to her… but she is just a girl what can she do? I didn't realize that there was another guy who stand opposite of the road looking at us. Swt… what kind of people are they? If really they are those people like my friend explain I feel so sad to them. Everyday news make people feeling bad, all is the evil side of human, what had happen to us…

After when back home feeling bad for that situation, anyway thank god nothing happen just to remind everyone out there be careful and always be alert to those that you don't know.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Team Building

The first day, just reach the resort all still blur blur...

At the night, first activity - watch movie - Brother Bear, ya is cartoon... i think in my whole life this is the first time i watch cartoon with so many "adult"

Sorry ya, another 2 guys from D&P was out of the box, cause this is special reserve for pretty girl only

The next day, preparing to go for another activity, see our face already know we are champion la...
Although tired but we having fun.

" Suara Kucing berbunyi meow meow meow,
Group kita bernama smell, smell, smell,
10 pahlawan join together bukan siao siao,
Nanti baru tau siapakah kita smell smell,
Main busuk kita 不要,不要,
Bau wanginya kita smell smell."

^^ Creative le ^^
Here is one of the place that we have our activities. The last two picture seem like very "chin cai" le cause tired liao hahaha... sorry ya

Have been such a long time I didn’t update my blog… this two months was busy with company activities, company always have event or contribute a dinner for customer, so as a designer sure busy with all the decoration and also printed material. Every times preparing a event I feel like back to the school, when we having “年欢会” was also that busy and a few of handmade things… Of cause when in the school everything’s was more fun and less pressure: p. Anyway finally can have a breath, soon will start busy again. ^^

Last month, my company having a team building course for us. Well… I do enjoy in this course, this was the first time I attend a team building course in a company. We are having it in genting view resort. Environments are nice the best part is our teams are great!!

Picture always is the best story teller, so I do like to spend time in creating funny + nice + pretty + smart picture (lol) with short wording, hopefully from the picture all of you also can feel the atmosphere that we enjoying at that moment.



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