Tuesday, August 15, 2006

my characteristic

Today suddenly have feel in a title so draw it out. After 3 hour in drawing show to boss happily, boss said the artwork just look like my characteristic, I answer my boss “than I will be very dangerous lo, every time u see my artwork than u know a bit about me.” he smile with us and agree.
However after he go, I look at the artwork for sometimes, ya… I agree I always draw and do this kind of design, that’s what we call different people, have different style. But hopefully in future I won’t just run around on this style. Cause I’m a designer not an artist. Not every design can apply this kind of style.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Technical problem...

This two day quite stress, two day doing the same things for 2-3 times, after finish the project send it to supplier happily but less than 2 hour supplier call said file damage. Open the file again really damage, than redo lo, than save again after burn when check file damage again… purchasing department leng lui look at me with innocence eye, cause the supplier was waiting outside… after almost one hour, redo 3 times, save in few different file finally done… but still not sure what is the problem. Technician comes… reinstall photoshop than go …T_T!!! He also doesn’t know why… hemm… when the computer screen appear this few icon my hand will suddenly feel cool, my heart beat will become faster…

After discuss with few designer, we think maybe is adobe cs not very stabil that's y offen facing this question, anyway still need to ask for somebody who "pro" to know the actual problem... we always said "remember save ur thing cos computer or adobe will shut down suddenly" now even save also no use... T_T



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