Tuesday, March 13, 2007


最近女儿在学说话常把我们弄得哭笑不得, 最令我高兴的是不知她去那里学来当我对她说我爱妳, 她回答我爱妳翠云虽说她可能不知自己在说些什么可是我还是回很开心地紧紧回抱她.

同时当她爸爸对她说我爱妳时, 她依然对他说我爱妳翠云哈哈这点就证明了她其实不是很明白的

昨天带女儿去百货市场陪她姨姨配戴隐形眼镜, 结果姨姨会戴进去却拿不出来, 站在一旁的她看得入神, 过了很久她也把自己的手往自己的眼睛扒, 然后像似拿下了一些东西在手然后说…” 像要交给我些东西原来她看姨姨做自己也学了把一旁的姨姨弄笑了

有时看到电视正播着一些东西或食物她想要的时, 她会往电视机前假设从电视机里拿了出来然后放进嘴里或放在胸怀里, 看了不知好气还是好笑. 一样的如果她看见电视机里正播着她怕的东西时也会哭着跑不过基本上女儿什么都怕


Monday, March 12, 2007

Chinese New Year trip!!

Although this year only few of us but i do have a very happy trip^^

This is the second time we bought her to beach, the first time is last Chinese new year we went to Kuala Rompin, that time she can't even stand by his own, this time she can walk along the beach by is own.... play till don’t want go back...

She is my secondary school best friend; temporary is the nanny of my girl in this trip

What so Funny? she seem like drunk!!! Of cause we doesn't drunk her, anyway when see back the picture all is her laughing face make me feel bless... Now i understand why people use to said children happiness is parent happiness too...

I feel very happy with this Chinese New Year, everything seem like smooth, both family gathering going well and also having fun trip. If you ask me what exciting in this trip, I only can said that you can’t expect too much activity, because the objective we went there is to relax our mind and body, is very easy, comfort and cheap!

We went there for 3 days 2 night trip to AWNAN KIJAL, this is the second Chinese New Year trip organize by our Mr.Hewu, first of all I need to said thank you to him by organizing this trip, although this year only 5 person yet still fun hopefully next year those who absence will appear again lo.

To describe about this trip is too long and frankly I’m lazy in typing it. Anyway I feel that it is easier for me by editing photo and share with you all… Photo that without edit already share by lou yea so if I share the same photo again seem like extra work o… for more creative and gorgeous photo please log in to lou yea photo gallery. I do share his photo in my company Notice board all praise him taking good photo o… Lou yea, since so many good feedbacks I think you won’t mind I share for my colleagues ho… don’t worry some of the photo which is SX I will delete before share it ^^

Ok, hope you all enjoy the photos…

Company Annual Dinner

Finally have some times for me to update my blog, everything seem like rush for the beginning of the year.

3rd of February is my company annual dinner, although have work few company before but this is the first time I attend an annual dinner like this. We have a team for that day – “Shanghai night” and everybody have to wear like back to shanghai. First will think ‘oh… cham lo need to buy clothe and prepare for the dinner.’ But when come to that night, the feel not bad. (But in future if can pass to supplier to prepare everything than perfect ^^)

Feel pity for the committees not even can't enjoy the meal and need to prepare everything for the dinner. But they did do a good job. Yap!! Forget to tell, we having our annual dinner at crown princess, surprise to know that their food not bad o… almost every table finish their food. After annual dinner is stuff trip lo, but I didn’t take part on that cause need to pay full payment since I only service for the company 1 year, people who service two year only F.O.C. Anyway, I didn’t feel disappointed because they are going to Redang which I already went there before… hehe … what I feel for redang?.... very crowded for the snorkeling T_T!!! But the room is nice…^^



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