Tuesday, September 25, 2007

When feel tension in work...

Although I’m a designer but frankly I’m not very good in lifestyle drawing, more prefer graphic sketching. Last few months I had draw this two pictures when having endless meeting. Last day accidentally my Art director saw this drawing, when he saw the first drawing; his expression is “Wa… who draws one? Got talent ha.” But when he flips to another drawing his expression is “…!!! , sorry art director i didn't mean anything yet this drawing really express my expression at that moment^^. lol

I personally feel this drawing was cute and express a bit anger with cheer.

When you receive many jobs...

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Thank you Chris^^

Before went to PERTH dear Chris had borrowed me a jacket, when I show it to my daughter she was so excited and want to wear it, after put it on, she was so happy running here and there… end up I need to spend some times to persuade her in order to take off the jacket.

I wish to take this opportunity to say thank you to my pretty colleague – Chris chai let me feel warm even with the temperature under 10°C. Thanks ya^^

She look like a little penguin with this jacket.

I can feel that she was very hot...

Who s Aunt Chris, here she is^^

Friday, September 21, 2007

Today i'm feeling so good

Yesterday I need to take leave cause mom need to attend cousin wedding, of course I won’t miss this opportunity go shopping with my little girl and sister. I love shopping in weekday, compare with crowded weekend… no parking, many people, plus plus plus…

We mainly shop in Jaya Jusco, cause Jusco having 23rd anniversary sales plus Hari Raya. Here I need to special thanks for Lou Yea because he sponsor in all the EXPENSES lol… and again "Happy Anniversary" although we buy a lot of things yet we didn’t forget to buy you a present ma, and also thanks for my sis – Yee for accompany me whole day, I’m kind of people who need accompanies luckily mom get me 3 sisters and 1 brother, I often spend my times with two little sisters. I love you gals ya^^

Today I feel extremely light, maybe as what Lou Yea said I do enjoy my shopping and today have a nice breakfast although need to pay RM5 to company because of being late for 0:04 minutes T_T!!! And also receive few photo magazines from 星仔

Today feelings just like when back from PERTH, sometimes holidays really can release stress & tension in work place, So people out there beside work don’t forget your life ya^^

At last I know yesterday was a busy day for my lovely colleagues, feel sorry for them too, anyway I know my handsome art director, pretty junior art director, creative designer – Joshua King and two juniors will happy for me getting wonderful holiday right hehe

Monday, September 17, 2007

Free time with my angel

Together with a 2 years old children really got a lot of things that we can play together, that day while nobody at home, after bath I help her to tide up her hair with towel, first I though sure she will feel very uncomfortable yet when she look through the mirror her expression is….”Wa… mei mei ar (means beautiful ..^^)” than she give a few post for me to take photo.

She really cheer my life up, nowadays she talk a lot, she got a lot of funny ideas of cause all this happen when she wasn't crying...

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Today is my first day work after back from my PERTH holidays, whole day I feel very fresh after recharge from holidays, is really a wonderful trip for me, Lou Yea having a group of very nice colleagues with him, before went to PERTH I kind of worry but after the trip I feel happy and comfort cause I was enjoying the trip with group of people who are very fun and kind. Give me some times to edit the photo k, if want to see nice photo of cause will share by Lou Yea, he take a lot of nice photos. Today I already share my photo to my colleagues, tick seng (one of my colleague) immediately said that he like photos that taken by Lou Yea very much… see so many admire luckily only like his photos.

Now already 7:48pm but only finish 5% of my working schedule. Just open a file with all my photo collection, wish to share some of my photos here. 17 months I work here, everyday like a war for me, jobs keep coming in without realizing, yet… I’m happy. Happy with people around us, I have very nice colleagues also, who cheer me up daily. Frankly works can’t be perfect without a comfort environment.

This is Joshua birthday, we celebrate it in LEVEN's house, shiphine and leven cook for us, is a very nice and meaningful meal which we can't buy with money, josh really happy with this celebration see his smile ^^

We having a farewell with Leven (the girl who stand in the middle with black blouse), because of her I dare to sing in karaoke, yet she still complain my sound very poor that’s why effect her quality in singing too T_T!!! Anyway I miss her very much. Hope she can find a good job soon.

Above was two of my company Gala dinner, company often will have this kind of function or gala dinner for our customers, beside working we also create a lots of memory for ourselves. Every step means a lot for me. First picture was an oldies night well follow by a cowboy night. Actually there is lots of picture that i can share T_T....



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