Monday, March 12, 2007

Company Annual Dinner

Finally have some times for me to update my blog, everything seem like rush for the beginning of the year.

3rd of February is my company annual dinner, although have work few company before but this is the first time I attend an annual dinner like this. We have a team for that day – “Shanghai night” and everybody have to wear like back to shanghai. First will think ‘oh… cham lo need to buy clothe and prepare for the dinner.’ But when come to that night, the feel not bad. (But in future if can pass to supplier to prepare everything than perfect ^^)

Feel pity for the committees not even can't enjoy the meal and need to prepare everything for the dinner. But they did do a good job. Yap!! Forget to tell, we having our annual dinner at crown princess, surprise to know that their food not bad o… almost every table finish their food. After annual dinner is stuff trip lo, but I didn’t take part on that cause need to pay full payment since I only service for the company 1 year, people who service two year only F.O.C. Anyway, I didn’t feel disappointed because they are going to Redang which I already went there before… hehe … what I feel for redang?.... very crowded for the snorkeling T_T!!! But the room is nice…^^

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